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Our Local Delivery Policy

LOCAL DELIVERY service which delivers your purchase within 3 business days and has a fixed price for certain order quantaties. 

Minimum LOCAL DELIVERY charge is $12.00 and will cover most shipments which fit into a single case container and weigh up to 35 pounds [in one box].  Each additional box/package, up to 35lb will be charged $8.00. Please note that some areas have a slightly higher charge due to bridge/road tolls. We will contact you with final shipping charge totals if they are higher then estimates provided at checkout.


Some areas have a higher LOCAL DELIVERY rate due to tolls [Staten Island, Shelter Island, Westchester, etc.

LOCAL DELIVERY at the lowest rates given, takes up to 3 business days. We can get your items to you much faster, if you need them, but at a higher cost.

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